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 Om adventures under SLA

Samana Legacy Adventures

OM (AUM) It is the sacred sound of the universe. OM represents the essence of creation, evoking feelings of gliding, foiling, surfing, and deep contemplation.

At KiteOm & OmYoga, we not only embrace these powerful concepts but also strive to give back to our environment and those in need.

We have committed to donating 5% of profits from KiteOm (SLA), ensuring that when you travel with us, you are making a positive impact on the world.

Our retreats are designed as fusion experiences, where you can reward yourself while also contributing to the well-being of the earth and humanity. By joining our retreats, you help reduce the carbon footprint, and we donate part of our profits to local causes, as well as monthly contributions to Tomorrow's Air and environment Oregon.

We create a magical environment that combines luxurious accommodation, delectable cuisine, and exceptional service. Our adventure retreats offer a blend of relaxation and challenge, featuring thrilling activities such as wing foiling, kitesurfing, and cultural exploration. On our spiritual and meditation retreats, the focus shifts to transformation and cultural immersion through practices like silence, Ayurveda, or plant medicine. Each retreat is enriched with daily guided yoga and meditation sessions, and we contribute to a worthy cause each year.

Join us on these transformative journeys, where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit while making a positive impact on the world around you.


Oregon Yoga
classes and events

Learn when and where I will be holding my next event, workshop and 
community Yoga classes.
For last minute updates please check out instagram #samanayoga
2024 Wing it in Indo
with Gary & Johanna

Wing foiling, surfing & Yoga in magical Indonesia
2024 dates TBD

Wing it in Peru with Gary and Johanna
2 spots just open!
KiteSurfing, wingfoiling, Yoga adventure in Peru
10 days
September 14th 2023
Best Savasana.jpg
 Cusco, Peru
Spiritual Yoga adventure
explore unique spiritual sites, breathe, hike, Yoga asana & Meditation
dates TBD
Sri Lanka   
wellness retreat
life changing experience
last 4 spots
15 days
October 17th- 31st 2023 



I am feeling completely revitalized and calm... thanks to all of you and this magical, mystical experience, I lost and left behind in Peru another 100 pounds of “stuff” that was weighing on me and so needed to go! 



We had the time of our lives in Peru. Thank you Johanna for the fresh, healthy foods, glorious accommodations, adventurous hikes, stunning scenery and yoga that is good for the body and the soul. Love you all!



I knew I wanted to go to Peru with Johanna Siskar all along. I just didn’t know how amazing the experience would be! From start to finish, we had the time of our lives. 



It was such a fun trip, the food was amazing, the people were amazing, the kiting was fantastic. Loved the downwinders... I just want to thank you so much for an amazing, amazing trip.



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