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Combining leisure and giving back, to humanity and the environment.

You do something meaningful when you travel with us...we  explore exotic destinations, experience cultures and adventures

full of extraordinary moments. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey,

thank you for making a difference.

As a participant you are reducing and removing the carbon footprint

and creating clean air through

"Tomorrow's Air"  

Tomorrow’s Air is the world's first collective of passionate travellers

who clean up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to ensure our air

for future generations. If we band together we will be more powerful.

We are brave, future-focused, honest and optimistic.

SLA donates monthly to "Tomorrow's Air"




Peru 2017

Kite and Yoga retreat

Responsible Tourism Biocycling

This was our first cause, in 2017,

mainly personal donations from us and our students. 


The Happy Family is young Italian family cycling South America as a team! Dad Seba, Mother Alby and daughters Angela & Anna now 11 and 9 years old. Everything started from a dream willing to realize a great life project together “building bridges and seeding values” along the way. The aim of BIOcycling America is mainly to discover the hidden stories and backgrounds of sustainable and fair trade realities promoting responsible tourism along the way cycling Northwards.


Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center in Cusco

Center for the sick, disabled, elderly, abandoned in the city of Cusco, Peru, this place is full of love, they help everyone, it is also in incredible need for everything, supplies and volunteers, for more details please see their website.

2019 was dedicated to this cause; we held 2 retreats.

The first retreat, held in Cusco, gave 90% of profits, the second, held in northern Peru, 10% . We had a chance to visit the center in the spring, before and after our Cusco Yoga adventure retreat, see our video at the bottom, and here is the story;

Zaida and I, arrived at the Mother Teresa of Calcutta center in Cusco, on a lovely afternoon in May, we were welcomed by the doorkeeper...


 2019 Peru Goddesses 

 Kite & Yoga retreat

2019 Cusco Adventure

Cultural Yoga retreat

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