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Personal Integration

Johanna & Devi    

"Deepen, Expand, Connect: Elevate Your Practice in a Blissful Oasis"


This 11/11, I invite you to join me in the Gorge for a unique and

transformative experience. 

 We are offering two days of breath practices, sacred Buddhist practices, ice bath and yoga asana.

It's an opportunity for personal cultivation, to deepen your practice and expand your consciousness in a beautiful and inspiring setting.


Come and be a part of this remarkable journey towards self-discovery and inner growth.


We will delve into a variety of breath & meditation techniques, each contributing to your overall understanding and experience.

Exploring the historical origins of the Wim Hof Method,

rooted in the ancient Tibetan practice of Tummo,

will provide a deeper context.


Additional practices such as the invigorating ice bath, the tranquil Yoga Nidra, and the transformative shamanic journey will further enrich your meditative repertoire.

Dive into the realm of walking meditation, a practice that harmonizes movement and mindfulness. 

Save the dates for this magnificent event
November 11 & 12 2023



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