Sunset of life

Sunsets are stunning, calming, and the celebration of the end of the day or life.

I love life, and I definitely know that I am not ready to complete this journey,

It is pretty scary when you get a phone call because another of your school friends have passed, you’re looking in the mirror, you realize that you are not so young anymore, death is real, can happen to anyone at any moment, and your odds grow daily because the phrase “you have your whole life ahead of you” doesn’t apply to you. Your brain starts hitting you with things like this like a ton of bricks with all the darkest scenarios, the second half of my life had begun a while back and I am on my journey to my own sunset, panic/sadness/depression come over like a storm.

Looking back where did it go?

it’s not that they weren't incredible years; they have been filled with adventure, passion, love, children, friends, satisfying accomplishments, so many journeys... and I would not have had all those amazing experiences, without the bitter moments, mistakes, drama & chaos.

A great journey for sure. I don’t want it to end… we are mortals and it will end, or is the ending of this existence the beginning of the next… I will safe that question for another time.

So what do I do?

Well, locking myself in my house and crying about it will only age me and dehydrate me… think,or better yet, don't.

Breathe and find your center, breathe deeply, let your divine feminine talk (this applies to the boys too, we all have both aspects), The mystery lays on how long do we have here, the wisdom lies in what do we do with every magnificent moment we have... so, my divine feminine reminded me that I will paddle out on my longboard on my 80th birthday, and hope to continue to the day I die... this is a goal I set when I was 25, when I met a legend of a Peruvian surfer grandmother (83 at the time) she shared that her last epic surf session, happened three years before our meeting, I said right then “I will do that, and I will also have a full & fabulous life like her...

I will live here in this moment that is the only reality that exists, making the most of every day by breathing in my daily practice of yoga, meditation and pranayama. By traveling, and sharing all I know with my students, my friends. By enjoying each moment I have with my children, my husband, my dogs, every precious experience makes it timeless. I will stay strong, active and I will give the utmost from my mind, from my body from my soul embracing the changes in me, practicing kindness to myself and every living thing.

There’s so many things happening now, bad & good. Be strong, be grateful, acknowledge what you can do.

I promise myself to grow and stay grateful in whatever time & however many moments are still to come. Making it count, making it the most spectacular sunset anyone has ever seen…

My dear Martin Olivares RIP, thank you for the friendship and the inspiration. (And the life saving orange on the field trip to the beach 1984)

Thank you for reading, I would love to read your comments, Namaskar

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