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Surviving menopause

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

It sure hit me like a brick wall... Oh boy, I was definitely feeling all kinds of things, it felt like it happened overnight.

Hormonal imbalances of any kind are no joke, you can have good health, exercise, eat healthy, meditate... a hormonal imbalance will throw you off balance.

The worst symptoms where the sadness and the mayor hot flashes (impossible to ignore). My breasts were swollen & extremely sensitive, I was bloated, could not think clearly, exhausted, super irritated at everything. I had come back from Sri Lanka in the spring and gone through a revitalizing detoxifying journey. I was thinking to myself; Why am I feeling like this? I do all the right things, I should be feeling great. What is wrong with me?

A month passed and it was getting more intense, all of it… the hot flashes, lack of energy and sadness...

Menopause is a process not a disease, so the Ayurveda treatments cleansed & left my body stronger, balanced, rejuvenated... now it is up to me to keep it that way, so I immediately I started to look at my diet and added magnesium, Ashwaganda & B12 in addition to eating the foods that keeps me energized and balance my Doshas… it was not enough.

What did it for me

Embrace the process, embrace the change and find help to create balance, you want to feel your best. keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you, you may need to add or change things as your body changes.

Try to go from the least risky first, if your body needs more than diet and natural creams or supplements, a good OBGYN should help you find what you need, test your hormone levels and talk to you about risk and benefits of all the different natural and bio identical replacement hormone therapy options. If she/he is not giving you the solutions you need don't be afraid to get a second or third opinion.

So important to search for what to do to find balance and joy throughout Menopause, trying things finding what works, asking questions, getting help, and feeling good.

For me Estriol and progesterone cream worked, after a week I forgot about all my crazy hot flashes and everything else. Thank you Robin for helping me 💗

Please write on the comments below and if you want to share what works for you everyone benefits, thank you!!!

The banana bread accident

I was looking for a banana bread recipe, one that had the healthiest ingredients.

I stumble into a link from “Eat this not that” that led me to the article

25 best foods for menopause

Fantastic facts, stuff that really resonates and I am putting some into practice.

My must have foods and supplements

In addition to the Omega oils, ashwagandha, magnesium glycinate, vitamin D, vitamin B 12, edamame, walnuts, sesame seeds.

here is a link to a study on black cohosh and st John’s ward. I started to read several articles and found this combination promising.

Please post your experience and what works for you



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