Johanna & Gary Siskar
We met in Cabo San Lucas in 1989,  and we got married 3 years later in the US. 
2 teenagers, 2 German shepherds, 31 years later we share a life of Yoga, surfing, Kiting, mountain biking, adventure that keeps adding on every wonderful day,
we want you to be a part of it.

In 2006 we built and open Samana Chakra Boutique Retreat in Peru for 10 wonderful years,
we loved our guests who became friends...the adventures and experiences we will never forget.
Our love for travel, hospitality experience, and our desire to give back, conceived
Samana Legacy Adventures, the evolution of our dream.
Hood River 2017, the journey began, a sublime success thanks to all of you.
Dear friends and future dear friends, join us on another unforgettable journey,
let us take you in the adventure of a lifetime!
Happiness belongs to you!
Johanna & Gary